Fen Farm Skyr - Icelandic Style Yoghurt -Blackcurrant

Fen Farm Skyr - Icelandic Style Yoghurt -Blackcurrant

Fen Farm's skyr team travelled to the geothermal farmlands of Iceland to be trained in the art of traditional skyr making by master skyr maker, Thorgrimur. The result is a virtually fat-free yoghurt but it's so creamy you wouldn’t know it, packed with protein and live bacteria for a healthy gut.


Natural: Raw (= unpasteurised) skimmed cow’s milk (and nothing else!); Blackcurrant: Skyr (skimmed cow’s milk) + blackcurrants, sugar, pectin (natural gelling agent);

Gooseberry & Elderflower: Skyr (skimmed cow’s milk) + gooseberries, sugar, elderflower cordial (sugar., fresh elderflower petals, citric acid);

Redcurrant, Rhubarb & Vanilla:  Skyr (skimmed cow’s milk) + rhubarb, sugar, redurrants, fruit pectin, vanilla.