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Here at The Haslemere Cellar our approach to Cheese Wedding Cakes is a little different. We realise that no two couples ever want the same thing so we don't offer "off the peg" solutions. Instead we custom design them to your own specifications taking into account your favourite cheeses, the number of guests, at what point of the wedding party it will be served as well as dietary requirements. Recently we have found Cheese Wedding cakes very popular for Wedding Anniversary parties as well as weddings.


Cheese wedding cakes are supplied ready for assembly with cake boards to separate the layers and, if required, cake dowels to support softer cheeses with harder cheeses above them. 

We can deliver to you, direct to your wedding venue or to your caterers.

Please phone us on 01428 645081 or fill in the form below for a quotation.

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Cheese Wedding Cakes

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