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Order now for Easter!

La Colomba is a traditional Italian Easter cake. It's a light and fragrant leavened cake made with candied fruit and baked in the shape of a dove, the messenger of hope, peace and renewal - very welcome at the moment! Seggiano Colomba cake is made near lake Garda by master baker Beniamino and his three daughters, and is a truly artisan product.The dough is leavened overnight using their 30 year old mother yeast and next morning is mixed with a richer dough, made with local honey, organic eggs and sulphite-free candied fruit peels. Left to rise twice more, the final touch is a traditional crunchy almond glaze topping with whole nuts, before the cakes are ready to bake.

500g  £19.50

Seggiano Colomba Easter Cake

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